Submit 'locale data' application

Back in 2013 I submitted “locale data” for the minority language I work with. At that point there was a ‘locale generator’ that helped me through the process. However, according to LibreOffice Localization Guide/How To Submit New Locale Data - The Document Foundation Wiki, the ‘locale generator’ no longer works…

Does anyone know how to go about submitting locale data these days? I downloaded the locale data DTD file (, but I’m not sure I could help my colleagues to change it in all the right places for other languages.

Any help appreciated! Thanks,


Yes, unfortunately that locale generator was a 3rd-party project and is gone for long.
The best approach is to take the closest locale’s data file (or en_US.xml if there’s none close) as a template and adapt it, as mentioned in the wiki page you linked.

Thanks, erAck. I added that URL to the wiki page.