Subscription for Image object

Is it possible to add a subscription (or some kind of label) for the image object ?
I have tried to change name and description, but it’s not visible anywhere and in fact useless.

In Writer they are known as Captions. But I do not see something similar in Draw.

As a workaround:

  • select the image
  • add the text (F2 or double click helps here)
  • choose menu Format - Text Attributes
  • select the upper left corner Text Anchor position
  • change the Spacing to Border Top measure to a bit more than the image height
  • OK

Tested with LibreOffice


An easier way might be:

  • Insert a text box and add your caption
  • Move the text box to where you want it placed
  • Select the image and the text box and click Shape - Group - Group (or Group from the context menu)

Note. From my phone


The object you named is selectable from the Navigator sidebar. With many objects on the page having them named makes selecting then much easier, especially if they are under other objects. If you copy a named object it takes the name but adds a number suffix. If you group objects the group does not take a name from it’s constituents, but you can name it as normal.

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