Substituting Enter key instead of Return key in Calc

Using Calc/ Using my Keypad “Enter” Key instead of “Return” on the regular keyboard

I’m very used to using my “enter” key on a numeric keypad keyboard to enter formulas. For instance: Cell A1 has “2” plus cell A2 has “2” . Then going to cel A3, I press = then click A2 and A1 then Enter. (I use my “enter” key rather than using the "return key on the regular keyboard). Unfortunately this always gives me the cell value of A2 rather than the expected value of 4. Even if I use the sum formula and hit the enter key it still results in the same thing. Is there a remedy for this, perhaps a substitute macro key, hence my question below:

“Is there a way to substitute my numeric keypad Enter key for the regular keyboard Return key?”

I have always used this key when using Excel, and I wish to move away from Excel by using LibreOffice Calc. Being a novice at this application, perhaps I’m asking some very basic questions here, but I don’t see this question in your FAQ. I’m using an iMac, OS X 10.8. Thank you for your help!


Hi pdw, I hope understand your question.
If I enter:
A1: 2
A2: 2
A3: =A1+A2
give me 4 in A3 using numeric keypad Enter key.
No difference using numeric keypad Enter key or regular keyboard Return key.
(Win7x64 LibreOffice
What is the final formula in A3?, if you click in A2 and then in A1 without the ’ + ’ between or without the ’ : ', if you are selecting the range for SUM() function, only the last clicked cell remains in the formula.