Suddenly I cannot drag an image to resize - why?


Yet another strange LO quirk. I have always been able to use Insert>Image and then grab the little tabs on the corners to resize the image through dragging. Always, that is, until today. Suddenly, for no reason I can see, the tabs appear but when I grab one with the mouse the two opposing arrows appear but the image will not resize. This leads to 2 questions:

  1. Why did this change in behavior occur?
  2. How can I revert to being able to resize images?


Other information: I always Anchor As Character. This has not changed, but I thought it might be relevant.

Can you drag the corner in LO Safe Mode? Click Help > Restart in safe mode > Continue in Safe mode.

If it works OK in Safe Mode then your user profile might be corrupted

No, that didn’t work either. Thanks for the response.

You had better add your operating system and LO version, you can get this in LO by clicking Help > About LibreOffice and clicking the button next to Version information. If you have an earlier version without the button then you can copy the text from the About LibreOffice dialog directly


I solved it… kind of.

I found that if I re-sized BEFORE adding a caption, it still worked. Yet another strange LibreOffice bug.

I hope this helps someone else.

It isn’t a bug. How do you expect to have a bigger frame inside a smaller frame?

If you want to resize the captioned image, then resize the outer frame; the inner frame will resize to match.

You really do need to read How to ask a question. You can’t expect to get answers when you withhold relevant information

No, this is no bug.

When you caption an image, you end up with two frames. The outer one contains the caption and the image. The image itself is the inner frame. If you select the outer frame only, the image will resize. If you select the image, it will not resize bigger than the outer frame.

If the outer frame is already selected, you won’t be able to select the image. You must first click anywhere outside the outer frame (to deselect it). Then you can select the image. If you click clumsily near the image but not on it, you again select the outer frame and must do the procedure again.