Suddenly there are numbers in front of my headings

Hi im having a very irritation problem, have been working on a projekt all day, having no problem with the headings or indexes. when suddenly after having closed an opend the docx file again (all work done in libreoffice) i start seeing numbers infront of my headings and in the index. its infuriatingly annoying and i cant figure out how to get them to go away. Cant even manually remove them or they will screw with the formating. Please help me

Imgur link with a screenshot


It looks like the Outline numbering. You set this with ToolsOutline NumberingNumbering tab.

You can set a numbering for one level (select e.g. 1 in the Level list) or for all levels (select 1-10 in the Level list), then in the Number list select None if you do not want numbering.