[suggestion] [calc] change names Data > Sort

maybe instead of Column A, change it to A Column, so the configuration could be done faster using the keyboard. ?

Feature requests should go directly to Bugzilla as Enhancements.

thanks. did a quick search but not much turned up for: suggestions libreoffice

@Fender - may be a misunderstanding. @EarnestAl directed you to bugzilla, since this site here is not the place to address "suggestion"s. You need to create your own enhancement request in bugzilla, if you want developers to implement a feature. We are users of LibreOffice just like you.

what? no, i got that. I’m just saying before I posted here, I did a seemingly quick search for where to post this stuff. @anon73440385

Ok - got it you missed image description and https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Ask/Getting_Started#Feature_Requests

A simple workaround: Add columns labels to your data. image description

When you’ve post the enhancement request, share the number here. Thanks.

@leroyg yea, I guess. Would have to keep a row with a-z. not really sexy and not as ad-hoc but it’s a way

keep a row with a-z

I would prefer 0-99.