Sum a column populated by an IF statement based on a pulldown list from another cell

Greetings and thanks for taking the time to help me.
I have a sheet that will be populated with data over the course of a month. I need to sum an entire column as data is entered, which seems easy on the surface. I started with =SUM(D2:D400)

The issue is that column D is populated with either $45 or $30 based on what pull-down is selected in Column C. The formula I have in Column D is:


I have also tried with and without the leading $ for the value populated in D. I have also tried to format the column as both general number and currency. The format option seems to have no effect on the cells at all.
When I select something from C, D populates correctly but the sum is still 0 in the cell with =SUM(D2:D400)
If I change the formula to a column with numbers that I have input manually they sum just fine. This leads me to believe that the SUM formula doesn’t recognize the displayed value of the cell populated by the IF statement. I even tried to go over a few columns past what I needed data in and enter =D2 then SUM that column but got the same results.

So how do I SUM a column populated by an IF statement based on a pull-down?

Is this formula not sufficient for the purpose?

Your IF() statement produces text strings, SUM() ignores cells with text content. Make sure the results are numeric, like


Note this omits the IF(C2="";"") of your expression because it’s superfluous, the final result is 0 if not any condition is met.



SWITCH( C2; "Basic"; 45; "Indv"; 30; "Fam"; 30; "LEO"; 30; ""; 0 )