Sum of the digits of a number non-recursively

Hi, I’m having trouble trying to get this working.
I have a setup like this:

       A       B        C
1 |  1234   |  12   |  1234

I want to sum the digits of A1 (10), then the digits of B1 (3) and then the digits of C1 (10), and them add them together. Where I am stuck is trying to add the digits together, because all of the methods that I’ve found are recursive and for A1 I would get 1 instead of 10. How can I get the sum of the digits of the number in each cell non-recursively?

One way to get the sum of digits in e.g. A1

Found at [Solved] Calculating digit sum of integers in a column (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum

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the aggregated Sum of digits from the range A1:C1