Sum of Two Cells Divided by 2 Does Not Equal Calc Output


I’m sure I’ve done this same type of calculation in other spreadsheets, but, for some reason, the Calc output is mathematically incorrect. So I’m at a loss.

Anyway, here’s my situation:

I have a single cell that is to display the sum of two other cells divided by 2. Specifically…

C2 = 1.7 … C3 = 2.2 … C2+C3 = 3.9 … 3.9 / 2 = 1.95.

Here’s the syntax: (D3=)C2+C3/2. The calculated output in D3, however, is 2.8, not 1.95 (well, actually 2, due to the cell setting). Clearly this is not correct. (Parentheses not actually part of the calculation; added to show that I assigned that calculation to cell D3.)

I must just be missing something, but I cannot see where.

I’d be grateful for suggestions as to where to start looking for my error.

Thank you!

C2 = 1.7 … C3 = 2.2 … C2+C3 = 3.9 … 3.9 / 2 = 1.95.


But C2+C3/2 is not (C2+C3)/2 :wink:

Ahhh…so it is (not…lol). Thank you!


you want =(C2+C3)/2 but you calculate =C2+C3/2 (or vice versa, not quite clear) and fundamental mathematical precedence rules state that multiplication and division take precedence over addition and subtraction an thus 1.7 + 2.2 / 2 = 1.7 + 1.1 = 2.8 is absolutely correct (or (1.7 + 2.2) / 2 = 3.9 / 2 = 1.95 is correct, since parenthesis overrule precedence rules).

Hope that helps.

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I knew it was a simple in-my-brain fix. Thank you for the detailed explanation!