Sum only returns ###

All of a sudden, previously functional spreadsheets are now only returning ### for the Sum function where, in the past, they’ve provided the correct answers. I’ve rechecked all cell formats. Everything seems correct. Something changed somewhere but I can’t figure out what.

The column is too narrow to display the result, widen it.

Thank you, erAck!! It worked! Widening a column changed the cell content from ### to the Sum formula which was obviously too long to fit in the cell, thus the ### was displayed. Went to the View menu in the Menu bar and discovered that the “Show formula” option was selected. How that happened, I don’t know. But when I unselected that, BINGO! All Sum cells displayed correctly. Thanks again, and also for the quick response! You saved my day!

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So how the heck do you upvote?

Click on the upwards pointing arrow head above the number. Thanks.