Sum up fields in writer->PDF-Forms

Hello all,

I am currently creating PDF forms with Writer (awesome tool!) and would like to know how I can sum up named fields to write the result in a sum total field.

On each page I have a section were in the end one can fill in a sum of points.
In the end of the form there should be a total sum field with automatic calculation of sumfield1 + sumfieldfield2… = totalsum.

We are not planning any database connection etc. We are running LibreOffice 7.3. Users use Adobe PDF-Reader for filling out forms.

Happy for any hint :slight_smile:

Does any PDF reader have the ability to sum up form values?

Well I just know and use PDF-Forms in Adobe PDF Reader which have that ability.
You add two numbers in two fields and it does some calculation (addition in this case) in a third field.
I don’t know how this PDF’s were created but it is a great functionality…

That likely relies on some scripting inside the PDF. That is completely not supported in LibreOffice; no code is injected into the PDFs generated by LibreOffice.

In short: no way to do that using LibreOffice.

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Okay, I was just wondering (and hoping).
Thanks for the fast input :+1: