Sum with variable rows

Hi there, i need you help.
I have for example:

Row 1: 8
Row 2: 90
Row 3: 98 | Total

So, in this case i need to do SUM(A1:A2), but if i add a row between the 3 and the 2, this values won’t change, so the total, will include only the row 1 + row 2, but need it to include the new row that has been crested between the 2 and the 3, so variable cells.

Thanks for the time,

Best Regards, JM

Can you please describe the exact procedure: how do you insert the row (see my comment to the answer below)?

Try enable Menu/Tools/Options/LIbreOffice calc/General/Expand references when new columns/rows are inserted.

Shouldn’t matter: I have it unchecked but it still adjust the formula when I’m inserting a row. E.g. I had A1=1 and A2 = 2. A3 = SUM(A1:A2). When I inserted new cell before A2 => shifted the cells down, and entered A2 = 4, the sum in (now) A4 = SUM(A1:A3) = 7, which is correct.

This option is intended when insertion is just below/right, e.g. if you have = SUM(A1:A2) and insert the row in A3.
But when you insert inside a formula range, it is always expanded.

oh, I see…just inserted a cell above A3 - the cell that contained the formula, and the formula didn’t adjust. Then followed your instructions above and it worked!

That worked! Thanks a lot!