Support for touch screens

I see discussions about the lack of touch screen support going back years. I do not mean touching the vertical scrollbar. I mean touching the document itself.

I understand that many people don’t use touch screens. I do, and so do some others.

How can I see if there is an enhancement request, the status of it, or start a request myself? Thanks for any help.

You can type something like


into your search engine.

It e.g. shows [Dragging on a touchscreen display highlights instead of scrolling](85677 – Dragging on a touchscreen display highlights instead of scrolling).

If it affects you too you could:

  1. test with the latest (daily) build and report back
  2. Add more relevant infos to the bug
  3. Test solutions that are mentioned in that report and report back if it work / doesn’t work

Also, make sure to add yourself to the CC List in the bug report.

Just open a new bug report on and fill out all relevant fields.

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