SVG exported from Impress cannot be inserted in docx in Writer

I have opened a pptx in Impress.
Then I have exported a drawing group as a selection in SVG format.
This SVG (created by Impress) can be opened in the Windows Edge browser and looks good.
However, when I try to insert this SVG in a docx or odt in Writer, only a little anchor and a little green square are shown.
The anchor and the square disappear when I click into the text.

A test with an Inkscape SVG showed that it can be inserted in both a docx and an odt in Writer.

Disabling OpenGL did not help.
So, inserting an Inkscape SVG in Writer works, but inserting an Impress SVG works not.
Can somebody kindly advise how to get an Impress SVG inserted in Writer?
Many thanks in advance.