SVG image in .odt pixelated if exported to PDF

Writer for Linux
Working with .odt and svg-images inserted to document

Document has inserted images:
SVG created in a chain described below
SVG generated in Python pandas

If to export .odt to PDF using menu File > Export as PDF... the first svg gets pixelated on high zoom levels. There is no difference if svg is inserted as link or embedded in document.
Creation of affected svg:

  • make a screenshot on Windows 11 using its snipping tool
  • in snipping tool save as png
  • convert png to svg using LO Draw
  • insert to .odt

In Writer one can zoom in the page with inserted image to maximal available level and latter one still behaves as vector graphic. It seems to be the step of exporting to PDF where it gets converted to bitmap.

Is this the expected behavior?
Any ways exist to work around?

Image is pixelized when it is open in
Firefox Browser
macOS Finder Preview
Linux qpdfview
Pixelization degree depends on the app used to view pdf.

SVG created in Python pandas is not affected.

Uploading .odt and pdf to this message doesn’t succeed.
Processing: Untitled 1.odt…
Processing: Untitled 1b.pdf…

There are a couple of bug reports about this matter
Inserted SVG is distorted after exporting to PDF
SVG does not exported correctly to PDF

Doesn’t sound right. A screenshot saved as png is already a bitmap of some resolution and may/should depend on screen-resolution. I don’t think Draw can create a vector from this…