svg images in writer crashes the program

Hi All
I’m doing the write up for my masters in libre office writer, and use calc to manage my database. As my topic is gis based I need to import lots of svg files into the text document, but as soon as I ad a single one the whole program crashes and ive wasted i dont know how many days waiting for it to recover or behave.
teh images are pretty vital to my discussion, im trying to write up as much as possible and planning to insert them last but i dont want to deal with malfunctioning software right before my deadline
do people have any work arounds for this? is there a way i can insert a compressed version of the image ? i know its the same with any file containing lots of high quality images but i havnt experienced this level of difficulty with microsoft

Please disable OpenGL and try again (Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View). Which version of LibreOffice do you use, which operating system? Does LibreOffice crashes too, if you do not embed the image but link it? Does LibreOffice crashes too, if you insert the image in Draw? (There you would be able to convert it to a raster graphics format.) Does LibreOffice crashes too, if you insert the image into a new Writer document? Can you please write a bug report and attach such an image?

Of course LibreOffice shouldn’t crash on inserting SVG images. But it might take some time to find out why LO crashes.
Maybe a better (more pragmatic) solution: convert the SVG images to raster graphics (PNG comes to mind) and insert those.