SVG with gradients to PDF

When exporting ODT files to PDF, which contain SVG images with gradients, LibreOffice breaks-down the shape into smaller shapes to sort of simulate the gradient. However gradients in LibreOffice’s own shapes are exported as normal gradients

The images in the exported PDF looks messy. Is there a standard setting which can make LibreOffice keep SVGs as they are.

The two green shapes with gradients are not transparent in SVG. But when saved as PDF the form is sliced to simulate the gradient.


As seen in PDF: The rectangle on the right is a shape created in Libreoffice

PDF Opened in Inkscape to analyse the Problem. The rectangle on the right is a shape created in Libreoffice-This shape is not sliced to simulate gradient.

SVG images are not processed in Writer. When inserting an SVG, it will be displayed in bitmap (or several decomposed).


You can insert an SVG in Draw and select the image.
Export the image as PNG ( click “Select”, otherwise you will have the whole page ).
Then paste the PNG into Writer and create a PDF.

It might depend on the svg file. If I create a gradient in Inkscape and insert the saved svg into a Writer document which is then exported as pdf, the gradient remains as single object. If I open the pdf in Draw, the gradient shows a Fill of None, not a gradient but not a bitmap either.

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