SWITCH Function between two ranges instead of individual Values

Im using a switch function to bring values from rows of data.

At the moment I have to quote each cell for example: SWITCH(expression,value1,result1,value2,result2, my actual expression has 15 values and results in the switch and is likley to grow.

Id like it to be just two ranges for example SWITCH(A1,B1:C1,B2:C2), or even two lists but I cant seem to ge either working

You may also consider what I wrote in my answer here.

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You need to enter the formula explicitly for array-evaluation.
You can do so with the help of the Function Wizard, or from the Input Line / Cell Area by Ctrl+Shift+Enter as modified key.

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I found a solution using =LOOKUP(A1,B1:C1,B2:C2).