?Switch Libre from Disk C to Disk D?

Really complicated to find out where one asks a question.
This programme and all my private files I have created were on C drive.
A new D Drive has been installed and now private files are on D drive but LO7.3.2.2 remains on C.
Is it easier to delete basic programme LO from C and newly reinstal it on D or is there another simple way of joining everything on D drive?
With thanks but please answer in ordinary English not tech.

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For erAck
Thank you for your response BUT this just sends me around in circles; does not provide an answer.
This site is NOT for amateurs. What is needed is total simplification how to ask a question and get an answer. It’s not good just to refer to another website.
Kind regards ~DM

For me (on Windows; I’m just starting on Linux so could not say anything about it), it is better to do a customized installation, and there choose D:. This may keep all your configuration.

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Thank you. With much respect it seems that you are not totally certain. I will await for further advice for a few days.
Best wishes.

For that I did not write it as an answer but just a comment. You may not have noticed, but I moved your question to the English category and tagged it properly so others may find it and answer it; I have no clue about Windows so couldn’t anyway.

Maybe not, nothing is.

I didn’t. I pointed to the guide page of this site so you could learn about the things I changed (categories and tagging) and how to ask questions. If you wanted.

Simple answer: No easy way.
A bit longer, as your question is easy, but the answer is not (and it is actually the same for most bigger programs on Windows):
You have 3 (or 4) places where data is stored (for Windows):

  1. The files you create with Writer/Calc etc are usually stored in the Documents folder or below - this is your decision. You may relocate all files according to your needs (to D: or elsewhere). Problems may arise, if “recent files” and the list in quickstarter are not updated, so you have to load files via explorer once. (Also some advanced features may suffer if you move some files especially connections to other files like external pictures, DDE-connections etc. If an absolute path is stored inside a file this can be broken by moving the file.)

  2. Some configuration data like changes in menues and settingsbor extensions to dictionaries are in the users profile. These are for Windows in a hidden folder and accessible via the “name” %APPDATA% - there you find a folder LibreOffice. My advice is to have a backup, but do not relocate unless you know what you do…

  3. The program itself is usually installed in a programs-folder on C: but does not contain your/private data. Uninstall and installation elsewhee is possible, but I would only advise this for very small C: - and keep an eye on different folders for 32 and 64 bit.

  4. All installed programms leave traces in the registry of windows - usually on C: You can’t move this. (It could be avoided by using a portable installation, if one needs this.)