Switching between sheets using keyboard in Calc

I’d like to be able to switch back and forth between sheets as I do between tabs in Firefox or between applications in Windows. More precisely, I would like a singe keyboard shortcut that would take me to the previously viewed sheet.

I have found that there are short cuts to move to the “previous” sheet, but what that does is move to the sheet to the left, not the previously viewed sheet.

So, to clarify, in Windows, say one is in application A. One can press Alt-Tab to switch to the previously viewed application, application B. Once you are there in application B, you can press Alt-Tab again and it returns you to application A. This can go on endlessly.

That’s what I"m looking to do in calc between sheets. To me it seems like this is the “obvious” desired behaviour. Why should you have to remember left/right and how many sheets are between the two?

I’m guessing this just isn’t an option, but I thought I would ask. Is there a place to suggest things to the devs?

Note, this post does not answer my question… ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/470/what-keyboard-shortcuts-are-used-to-switch-through-sheets-on-a-mac/


I too find the lack of a shortcut for this frustrating. I really wish there was a way to change ctrl + tab to switch between the most recently used tabs instead.

In LibreOffice, there’s no history of views (unlike history of edits). So no way to create shortcuts to absent functionality.

Is there a place to suggest things to the devs?

As described in this site’s usage guidelines, enhancement requests should go to bug tracker.

A similar request for Writer is tdf#51093.

Simple workaround using the already mentioned solution: Menu item Window - New window.

You get multiple windows to the same file, navigable independently but edits are in sync. The windows will be tagged with colon+number after the file name. Alt+tab is again your friend.


May be a little late in the coming for @librebird, but perhaps saving someone else’s day…

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