Sync custom dictionaries across many computers

I am writing a large technical document and I would like to be able to sync my custom dictionary (the corrections that I indicate as “Add”) across all my PCs so that I can use the same dictionary in all computers.

Is this possible to do something like that with LibreOffice and Dropbox? My primary platform is Ubuntu 12.04 and I am using the latest stable LibreOffice (4.0.4).

Yes, you can. LibreOffice ( on Windows 7) allows to set the directory that dictionaries are stored in.

  1. Open the LibreOffice Options dialog via the Tools menu
  2. Under LibreOffice in the the options tree, choose Paths
  3. Choose Dictionaries in the list of paths, and click Edit…
  4. First add a new path by clicking Add… and choosing a directory that is synced to other computers
  5. Optionally make it your default path by selecting the radio button in front of the newly added path and clicking OK
  6. Click OK to save your preferences.

That works fine for me with LibreOffice v4.1.4.2 / v4.2.0.1 / v4. (on a single PC), and shared wordbook folder in the Dropbox directory.

See also: Bug 36558 - Allow custom paths for user dictionaries


(target: 4.2.0 / 4.1.2)

I am very happy that it is possible – I have been doing this with my templates, too…
BUT… this is still the level of tinkering, I would say…
not available for the average user, also, not offered in the menu…
which would be GOOD, cause anybody who checks spelling and adds a word to a dictionary NEEDS that :slight_smile:
cause otherwise she or he will work in vain… without the hope that adding a word now will help her/him in the future :slight_smile:
So, I think, a feature would be nice, and adequate to have