Syntax to define cells user format


There is a syntax to define format for : → cells format → tab “number” / “defined by user”.
I have not found easily this information into documentation neither help files (en and fr).

Where it is defined ? … found finally (while writing this message) when help is hit in : into linked subjects on “categories” at the bottom of the which purpose is to answer to context.

Either found It do not function in French
The problem is that I could not create a format for showing [9 999.99 Go] treated as a number which functions.

I tried to use in French {# ##0,00 “_Go”} where the decimal point is a comma (French keyboard and use) content is treated as text then the number “652” become “0.65_Go” while it should be “652.00 Go”.
If I replaces the comma by a dot I get always 0 …
The options seems not translated "decimals, non significant 0, thousands separators.

Finally do not functions in French with French keyboard.

When solved, the time will become to create best useful links and/or update help files (fr and en) and search index into documentation.

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Your format has a flaw which causes the problem: it contains a space in the fractional part. You wrote # ##0,00 "_Go" instead of # ##0,00"_Go". Space is a formatting code acting like a thousands separator in the integer part of the number. I don’t know what its effect is when it is in last position of the fractional part. When removed, your format behaves as expected.

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Sorry for a a miss, I would answer to you and answered to my own question which make the thread difficult to understand.
This is for readers who I invite to read my answer which is a long comment.

*Sorry be careful : this is not an answer to my own question which has opened the thread. It is an answer to the answer given to my first question which has opened the thread which has given the technical solution. So you must read the answer before reading this.

Thanks that’s OK. You are right.

Now it is necessary to understand why I made the error (I commonly was using this syntax more than 10 years ago, but not used since this time).

I read again with attention the text about this subject and the problem is that the help text is not so clear even exact. I have read it too quickly to get out the consequence of the current text.

Your remark which gives the solution should be integrated to the documentation.

The current text is, in French :

Ajout de texte dans les codes de format numérique
Texte et nombres
Pour inclure du texte dans un format de nombre qui est
appliqué à une cellule contenant des
nombres, placez un guillemet double
(’’) devant et après le texte, ou une
barre oblique (\) devant un caractère
seul. Par exemple, saisissez #,#
“mètres” pour afficher “3,5 mètres” ou
#,# \m pour afficher “3,5 m”. Si vous utilisez l’espace comme séparateur de
milliers, vous devez insérer des
espaces entre les guillemets dans les
exemples précédent : #,#" mètres" ou
#,#m pour obtenir un résultat correct.

The problem is double :

  1. The first examples contain the “bad blank char” → solution : 1- use delimiters for examples 2- suppress the bad blank chars inserted
  2. The sentence which give advice to insert blanks with “_” or inside (") is “positive” while it should be a negative warning

This could be the right sentence :

Note importante : Si vous utilisez l’espace comme séparateur de
milliers, vous devez insérer des
espaces exclusivement entre les guillemets dans les
exemples précédents : {#,#" mètres"} ou
{#,#\ \m}
pour obtenir un résultat correct.

and in English

Important note : If you uses the “space” as thousands separator
you must use spaces exclusively between (")
delimiters of text. In precedent samples {#,#" mètres"} or
{#,#\ \m} to get a fair result.

Best regards


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