Systematic LO 3.6.4 crash on Mac OSX 10.8 using calc


Whatever file, even new empty one, with some data typed in, when I try to edit a cell the application hangs “application not responding” and I have to force quit.

Tried the user profile reset procedure without success.

If anyone can help because it is unusable now.

Here’s a link to an explanatory video:

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Do you have one of the accessibility tools installed and/or accessibility enabled?

Uh! I don’t even know what it is, so assume I’m not. :wink:

Did you use another version of LibO before? If YES, which one?

I don’t remember having heard the 3.5.7 creates problems. Maybe you can use this version until you know more about 3.6.4 on your Mac OS.

Hell ROsT52,

Domo arigatu goyzmasu.

Indeed downgrading to LibO (LO) 3.5.7 makes I can again use Calc. (noticed the problem on 3.6.x releases)

Thanks for the advice. One should report the problem to the dev community, so they can fix. Do you know how to do this?

Best regards,Luc

@Lderib bug report:
and folllow the steps indicated there. Easy to do.

Ok done. A little late but done.

I’m having the exact same problem. I’m reverting to is also unstable. I’m reverting to 3.5.7. 3.5.7 has been working for a while.

@Lderib and @dga

If 3.5.7 runs fine, downgrade but please report the bug or let me ask if one you reported the bug already? Idealy Lderib has reported the bug already and dga has added information with his experience and OS and LibO versions used.

The bug report should also contain the information that with 3.5.7 or whatever version you use, the problem did not occur. The helps our devs to identify the route cause.