Tab Fill Character Spacing

Is it possible to increase the spacing between tab fill characters e.g. if I have a tab fill character set to use the full-stop it comes out like the first example. I’d like it to come out like the second line but when I tried to adjust the character spacing it actually came out like the third line.

how it really appears..................after the tab
how I want it to appear . . . . . . . .after the tab
m y   f a i l e d   a t t e m p t......after the tab 

Is the tab fill character spacing adjustable?


Similar problem from OOo forums: Tab Fill Character - “Wide Dot” - sadly, noperfect solution…

Use a character style

To quickly do this with all Tab-spaces in the text, use the Find&Replace: Search for - \t, More options - Regular expressions - On, Find All and Close

That’s a really helpful edit. Will this work for tabs that are part of a table of contents? Presumably I have to enable ‘allow manual editing’ on the table of contents to do this?

Your edit of 20th March has removed the crucial part of the answer ‘use a character style’. Without this simple sentence this answer is difficult to understand.

Under “Fill character,” select “Character” and input something different—I recommend using the ellipsis character (…), which results in a slightly larger per-dot spacing than the standard period. Unfortunately, you can’t set multiple characters there, or you could manually space periods.