Tab-separated Value (TSV) files and Calc: newlines?

On Wikipedia the article on Tab-separated values claims:

Many programs such as LibreOffice expect a carriage return followed by a newline.

I am wondering if this statement is correct. On Linux a TSV file with just Unix-style line-endings (\n) just works in Calc. Is this something which LibreOffice Calc can’t do on Windows?

I can’t attach a TSV file here unfortunately. Could someone with Windows confirm that TVS files with Unix-style line-endings (\n instead of \r\n) work there as well?

Yes, CSV and TSV with LF line ends work perfectly well (as do CR LF Windows and CR Mac line ends). That Wikipedia article is wrong.

Great. I’ll edit it. Thanks for checking.

Already corrected : p

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try the formula:
=“abc” & CHAR(10) & “def”
cause =CHAR(10) is positioning a forced make-up line break / wordwrap in universal UNiCODE-defined character. With it succeed a carry-over to every relationed cell. While “\n” gets not over that transfer.