Tab stability in document

I have a document that uses Tabs to indent subheadings - very much like an outline - but it is a plain text document. When I save the document and open again a day or so later the Tabs invariably indent further, i.e. additional Tabs are added so long lines end up word wrapped to the next line.

How do I keep the number of Tabs I place in the document from changing spontaneously? After several reopenings of the document, I end up with so many extra Tabs entered that the original “outline” form is unrecognizable.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


John Parsons

If you can use an ODT file, the standard LibreOffice Writer filetype, styles will help. Using styles will keep your text aligned must better than tabs. See Chapter 6 - Introduction to Styles and Chapter 7 - Working with Styles of the latest Writer guide on the documentation page [1].