Tabbed View Not Central

Platform: OSX 10.14.6 (Mojave)
LO Version:

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The Tabs are not central. When initially opening this looks strange and despite resizing the window the Tabs are always skewed to the right. Reference screenshot.

I am assuming this will be resolved in a subsequent release?


(edit: activated screenshot)

I am assuming this will be resolved in a subsequent release?

No problem would be resolved until it is at least reported.

Lodged as bug Linky!

Is there any update after four years?

Tabs are not “skewed” to the right. They immediately follow a set of buttons for frequent operations. Unless these buttons are removed (which makes even less sense than accepting some offset for tab titles), the tabs can’t be “centred” or “left aligned”.

I have a very poor opinion about tabbed view. This UI encourages bad practices in Writer. Contrary to Word (which popularised tabbed interface), Writer has a very sophisticated and powerful formatting machinery called styles. Styles are really the primary tools (by design) to control your formatting. The tabbed UI will postpone your adopting the style approach, encouraging you to keep on direct formatting your documents. In the end, you can’t easily optimise your layout and formatting and you create a real mess.

But this is free software and you are free not to learn how to use it smart.

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I think here is meant only the “tab-selector” from “file” to “tools”, and this is right-aligned in the picture above.
But as this band is placed on the same height as the symbols to the left and the menu-button to the right it seems one has to find out how much space is allowed before the band can be centered.
I guess a traditional menu is easier to maintain…

Since @Spood filed a bug report (thank you!), any update (after any number of years) would appear there, not here. If there will appear any macOS developer interested in that, and will be able to resolve it, it will get a notification. No value in pinging.

But aren’t the other buttons off too? In his picture the menu (hamburger) button as well as the redo / undo, print, file… buttons look like they do not normally belong there (at least not in the way they are positioned right now).

In debian tabbed view would look like this:

As you can see, the menu, redo / undo… buttons aren’t misaligned here.

Maybe something broke on @Spood s system or a theme is at fault? Or does it acutally look like that on a mac?