Table Creation In LibreOffice like ( Ctrl + T )

Hi Friends,
Today, I have one Doubt in LibreOffice… Is there any Short Cut Key in LibreOffice to Create Table Automatically… Like in MS-Office Excel using ( Ctrl + T )

Note: in Excel Table ( Ctrl + T ) its Dynamically Updated Table.Wen i enter data ,after the in last row in the table…

— Any Idea… Friends…

Do you want some automatic formatting feature for a partial cell range in an existing Calc Sheet?

The name “table” inside a spreadheet sheet is nonsense.

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This is about LibreOffice, not Excel and your explanation is insufficient to say what you require.

As I understand it Ctrl+T

  • Creates a Data Range.
    • LO - Data > Define Range
  • Applies AutoFilter.
    • LO - Data > AutoFilter (Ctrl+Shift+L)
  • Applies alternating background.
    • LO - Data > Select range then Format > Conditional > Condition in dialogue set to Formula is and enter formula, e.g. MOD(ROW(),2) and select a cell style to apply
  • Can be extended by adding data in next cell below the range.
    • LO - select cells directly below range and click Sheet > Insert cells > Move down. The range will extend down as will formatting & filter, then enter new data.

Does Ctrl+T do anything else?

Does LO do it all in one go? No
If it is essential that you spreadsheet formats and filters all in one go then you should use Excel. Or maybe create a macro in LO

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Hi Sir,
I Can’t believe … Because i read your answer or reply in OpenOffice and LibreOffice Forums …Its great Pleasure Sir…

Yes, Sir Automatic Formatting.

Hi EarnestAI,

This is What I want in LO … I did all, what you mentioned in the Above Comment… Its working.
May be in future LO develop with shotcut keys or single Function to create Like this…

“Table” is not non-sense, just a bad choice of phrases on the part of Microsoft. Excel “tables” are a powerful, albeit convenience, feature for those who use spreadsheets as ad hoc tools. Personally, my use tends to be more project-based, but “tables” coupled with auto-spill and related variable-result-count select functions are not trivial.

Formatting part it’s not implemented on LO, but formulas are ( using xlsx format to save the file.

To add a row at the bottom of the table, start typing in a cell below the last table row. The table expands to include the new row. To add a column to the right of the table, start typing in a cell next to the last table column.

I wrote a macro which does something similar. It lets you insert new rows easily.