Table does not display correctly when importing docx

I am using LO on Ubuntu 14.04. I have installed the metrics equivalent fonts Carlito and Caladea created by Google.

Tables are not displaying correctly when importing docx files. Here is a link to the file in question:-

And here is a link to an image file of what it should look like:-

You will see that the left hand table should go down to row named ‘28’. However when I open this file in LO the left hand table only goes down to 23, with the remainder of the rows moved to the right hand column.
Also the column widths of the right hand tables are slightly too narrow.

Does anyone know how to make docx tables import correctly?
Is this a bug?

Thank you.

The original word file has a section break, and then the section containing the table is formatted with two columns. Libreoffice respects the two columns but seems to be struggling with the blank line in the left column above the table. If you delete the blank line immediately above the table in the left column, it seems to fix your problem, although the tops of the table in each column are then aligned, unlike the original word file. I don’t fully understand why this is, though. You can also adjust the cell widths in each column using the ruler. Also, if desired, you can select the heading row in the left column, and select Table >> Heading Row Repeat to have the headings at the top of both columns.

You might like to refer the file to assist those working on .docx compatibility. Perhaps someone else can help with how/where to do this? Is it considered a bug report?

Note that LO 4.3.0 does a better job importing this file.