Table element wizard - field selection not showing up when inserting a table control for a subform


I am on a Mac using OS Monterey 15.4 and LibreOffice

I have a main form and a subform. Properties are all set up correctly. When I add fields to the subform using the add fields button and drag them onto the main form all works fine.

But when I try to add a table control to the main form with the subform selected in the form navigator it creates the table but the table element wizard - field selection window does not come up. So I can’t add fields to the table control.

I am following the steps explained in a tutorial. It works in the tutorial but not on my machine. What could have gone wrong here?

You have marked the subform in the form navigator and added the fields - right? What do you mean with “drag them onto main form”?

If the wizard won’t appear: Did you check Form → Control Wizards has been enabled?

You could also add field to the tablecontrol by richt mouseclick on the header and Insert Column.

WOW. Thank you so much RobertG. That was it. I didn’t even know that I had to enable the wizards.
Take care!