Table formatting disappears when adding a new row in Writer


all is in the title: when I add a new row to a table, all the formatting of the table disappears…

See screencast here:

Is that a bug or something I don’t understand?

EDIT, adding more information:

This seems to happen all the time when using direct formatting and quite randomly when using style-based formatting. I attach an example, where the first table (direct formatting) looses all formatting when I add a row, while all seems to be fine in the second case (style-based formatting). But I know for sure the problem also happens with style-based formatting. Can’t reproduce it now however for any reason…

Here my example file

Many thanks in advance!


Version information:


Build ID: 00(Build:2)

CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 5.4; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3

Locale: en-GB (en_US.UTF-8); UI: en-GB

Ubuntu package version: 1:7.0.1_rc2-0ubuntu0.20.04.1

Calc: threaded

Not everything is in the title!

It is impossible to tell from the mp4 how your text is formatted (left part of the window missing) but I guess it is direct formatting.

Best option: reopen your question with the edit link. At the bottom, attach the file with the paperclip tool.

Thanks for your comment and sorry that my first message was not sufficiently detailed. I just added the missing information

This is probably a guess. I suspect you created your tables with the table wizard, very improperly named “table styles”, i.e. you selected Default Style for your table layout.

If I create a table in your document with None table style, all my manual formatting is kept when I add a new last row.

I never use the table “styles” because they are no styles in the usual LO semantics. They rather are a set of macros to create direct formatting in every cell. When you add new rows or columns, the macros are rerun.

Because I want to control exactly how my tables and cells are formatted, I always create them with None style (i.e. no formatting macro is launched) and then format my cells with styles.

When the feature is configured for “classic” styles in some future release, I’ll review my procedure and use it if it really behaves like I expect: to be able to reformat the whole table (not individual cell content formatting) simply by changing the table style.

In recent releases, you can now change the appearance by reapplying a “style” (running again the macros with a double-click on the name) but it destroys any style formatting (applied paragraph and character styles) where it should only play with (geometric) table properties. I think that the latest development in table “styles” automatically relaunch the macros when you add a row/column so that the additional row fits in the pattern.

I tested this with Box List Blue which shows an alternating row background colour. To maintain alternation, all cells are reconfigured with direct formatting.

My recommendation: don’t use table “styles”; create your tables in None type. You can then format cell content the way you like without interference with the table wizard.


FWIW, there are at least two bugs in tdf#136532 and tdf#126008.

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Your wild guess is perfectly correct and it seems to solve my problem! From now on I will only create tables with the none style. 1000 thanks!
PS: sorry I can’t upvote… I apparently do not have enough points for that :frowning:

Visit back the site, ask a new question or answer one and you’ll be granted enough karma points to upvote (you need 5 and you’re presently at 3).

I definitely will! Thanks again