Table Navigation & Selecting

I just installed LIbre Office (x64) and I’m working on some labels.

  1. I cannot select a whole row in a table.
  2. Also I cannot navigate to the next table cell using the TAB key.
    What am I doing wrong?

Thanks - I guess I should have added that tables in a regular document seem to work the same way. I can not navigate with a tab and I cannot select a whole row.

But getting back to labels, is there no way to navigate labels other than using the mouse?

With which component are you working: Writer, Calc, Impress? You tagged common, meaning all components, but your question seems targeted toward a specific one. Tables are available in Writer, Calc and Impress.

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Cannot confirm what your wrote about regular tables in (editable) writer documents. TAB key moves to the next cell, arrow keys move to their indicated direction and complete rows can be selected. If you can’t do that, your document may have a problem or you may face a problem in your LibreOffice user profile.


labels are not tables but frames and that’s why they don’t behave like tables. There are no rows and columns (See also in Navigator (F5 or View Navigator`) under item Text frames)

Hope that helps.

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