Table Navigation

I cannot find the documentation regarding how to navigate in Writer tables.

Please direct me.

Can That help?

Moving between cells

And as usual - the respective article in Help.


I had tried the help and when it came up on the browser, I tried to type in table navigation, navigating in tables, etc… I also searched the web for table navigation in LibreOffice Writer. All to no avail.

Thank you for your links, but they never came up in the documentation search. They don’t even look like the documentation I was linked to.

I should also note that the navigation did not seem to work for me in my situation. I have a double column table with multiple rows, and I wanted to move some text into an empty cell. I could not get my cursor to activate in that cell, nor could I find how to navigate there otherwise.

I guess it is just too difficult for people to move from DOS or Windows-based word processors to Writer. Navigation and layout is weird.

Thanks again.

You were looking for keyboard shortcuts so that would have been a better term to search on, in fact it works as search on most other programs.

If you are in a Writer document and press F1 then the Help will open with a page showing several shortcuts, one of which is Shortcut Keys for LibreOffice Writer

You might find the Writer Guide a useful reference, the appendix has keyboard shortcuts too. Download from English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - LibreOffice User Guides

Thanks for your assistance.

I am learning that the help search function is not designed to adapt to all the possible search phrases. That forces the user to check with people like you who know the right words to use. My assumption was that what we are used to on other platforms would work in Linux. Live and learn.

What I also found was that there is a weird way of dealing with page breaks when tables are on a page. That confused the issue to me.

Also, I am not sure why F1 should be used instead of the help menu. I would have to memorize that step.

There is no context sensitive help either.

I believe that the basic problem is with the programming. It tends to misdirect the Windows-based thought patterns taught and learned over many years.

Thanks again.

F1 is keyboard shortcut for help for virtually every program since days of DOS. As you wanted keyboard shortcuts I assumed you prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse.

Interestingly enough, I have been schooled in using the Menu bar system and the context menu of right-click mouse, as well as hover-over context pop ups, to the extent that F1 is no longer in minds automatically.

While I agree with you to a certain extent, the issue comes down to intuitive design and expectations.

The Help menu did not help. Also, please note that the responses pointed me to another problem which appeared to be the root of the formatting problem. However, I am tired of the continual bug reports and will not pursue it.

(If you question that concept, just look at how the poorly programmed Ask LibreOffice works to delete properly formatted text here.)

Thanks again.