Table of Content - start counting page numbers after ToC (and not page 1 of the document)

I have certain formatting specifications for a paper I am about to submit. One of them being that page numbers must start with 1 after the table of Content (and not page 1 of the Document). At the moment I have about 6 pages before the ToC (but this may change still).

I figured out how to do this in terms of inserting the page number in the footer of the page.

However the Table of Contents itself displays the page numbers as if counting starts at the 1st page of the document. So I guess I have to teach it to start counting from x.

Ho do I achieve that?

This hints that you “teached” your footer in a wrong way - likely using the “offset” of the page number field (that is not intended to change current page number, but to reference other page like “three pages before this one”).

See the FAQ.

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What you describe is the structure of your document as made of (at least) 3 sequences of pages:

  • front cover, unnumbered, usually without header nor footer
  • TOC, numbered from 1, commonly with Roman numbers, in footer
  • main discourse, numbered (also common from one but nor Roman) with header and footer

Since the sequences exhibit different properties, they belong in different page styles. Each page style receives its own header, footer, numbering properties.

Built-in styles First Page and Default Page Style are intended respectively for front cover and main discourse. You must design your own page style for TOC (not difficult, it is somehow similar to Default Page Style except for header/footer contents.

When you have your page styles, you must create breaks inside your document to tell Writer where to switch from one page style to some other. The command for it is Insert>More Breaks>Manual Break where you can choose which page style will be effective after the break and optionally restart numbering.

For more information, read the Writer Guide.

thanks, that helped. Actually I did it more or less as described, just did not update the index afterwards :grimacing: