Table of contents: change the blackness of the leading dots

Hi there,

I have seen it done, but I can’t manage to do it… Is it possible to change the “darkness” of the dots between the entry and the page number in a ToC? I would like them to be lighter, so they still guide the eye, but they are clearly not part of the text.

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It is possible to assign a character style to the tab:

  • Entries tab▸Structure and Formatting▸click the T▸select a Character style (e.g. Bullets in the screenshot).
    As you can see in the preview I have set a red color in the style).

Note: I remember that this feature was lost (bug) in some versions but… it works on my Windows version


It worked a treat. Thanks :smiley:
I had ALMOST got there, nut not quite when I was trying to find a way of doing it. I needed the extra push (in my case, click on the “T”)

I found an unsatisfactory workaround, not a real solution.

First, with the cursor in the ToC, make your ToC modifiable: InsertIndexes and TablesIndexes and Tables..., tab Index/Table, uncheck Protected against manual changes.

Define a new character style names Leading (or any other name you like) setting the font color in tab Font effects.

In your ToC, select the leading dots and apply the Leading character style.

This is were this workaround is not satisfactory: you must do it manually on every leader. As a second and more serious inconvenience, the leader customisation disappears when the ToC is updated ToolsUpdateUpdate all and you must do it again manually.

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Yes, thanks for the suggestion. I had noticed that manual changes in the ToC are lost once you update it.
For now I will wait (no point in doing it now, huh) and if nothing better comes along I will try that.
Thanks :slight_smile: