Table of Contents - page numbers separated using fixed number of spaces

This is a duplicate of 273825/table-of-contents-page-numbers-separated-using-fixed-number-of-spaces which was deleted by his author @john1023

The question was not clear because most of information was in the title and the description didn’t help to understand clearly the issue. I’ll try to reword it.

The default Structure line for TOC entries is LS E# E T # LS where T inserts a tab to the right margin with a dot-filled leader line. The dot can be replaced by any other character, e.g. space, but for personal reason the author prefers to have the page number separated by two spaces only and exactly from the entry.

To separate the page number from the entry by a specific string of characters, you need to modify the Structure line in Insert>TOC & Index>TOC, Index or Bibliography.

  1. Go to the Entries tab
  2. Click on the T item in Structure and press Delete (the cursor is now in the text box between E and #
  3. Enter 2 spaces in the box between E and #

The following screenshot shows the resulting structure line where I entered “xx” instead of two spaces to make the effect visible:


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