Table of contents - update page numbers only

In MSWord there is a very useful feature - update page numbers only, related to table of contents. I couldn’t find such a feature in Libre Writer. Is it possible to update the pagenumbers only in Libre writer index and tables (table of contents). If not if would be a great and useful addition.

I don’t understand the purpose. A TOC is supposed to always remain in sync with main text. This is automatically done when the TOC is refreshed. Not only the page number but also the headings are updated in the TOC to reflect the most current state of the document. IMHO updating page numbers only doesn’t make sense.

I remind you that the TOC will be managed by Writer only if you style your headings with Heading n paragraph styles.

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//I don’t understand the purpose. // There could be many.

  1. The table of contents is NOT getting generated in the intended font type/size. Even though it is possible to define style for table of contents font size/type etc, it is not working. (at least for me)
  2. We may want to edit the table of contents at times (due to various reasons). For example I did not wanted the self referencing “Table of Contents” heading at the top and wanted to delete it, and put my own heading for table of contents and style it differently. Or since when I change the font type/size of table of contents, all the page numbers becomes wrong.
  3. //A TOC is supposed to always remain in sync with main text. This is automatically done when the TOC is refreshed.// If what is being done automatic was perfect this need will not have raised. But probably it is not the case. This issue related to TOC generation was one of the issues that forced me to go back to word and use it for a book, even when I never wanted to go back to ms word (because of the many good features of writer)
    4.Unlike many other features, TOC probably restricts the user’s freedom to style things as he want, by auto-enabling ‘Protect against manual changes’ etc. (It feels like Microsoft in action. :smiley: But MS word do not force any such restrictions related to TOC)
    // I remind you that the TOC will be managed by Writer only if you style your headings with Heading n paragraph styles.// Ya, I know. I use styles only.

So you ask for a feature to workaround your problems using the existing feature, which is because you do that incorrectly? :slight_smile:

Just resolve this issue. It works, so you must be doing something wrong. Ask a dedicated question, provide a sample file showing the issue, and get an advise that would kill this point.

So you don’t know that the table of contents dialog allows you to define the text of the heading:

and the style used for that:

Use these, and you have this point killed.

What does that mean? If you refer to manual formatting because of #1, then just resolve #1… Or again, ask a specific question, and likely you get a useful advise.

#3 is repeating the “it doesn’t work as intended” idea; and #4 is some strange idea that a safety option that user is free to change may “restrict freedom”. Lol.

Heh, that is also not true. The first screenshot above shows that the choice includes outline levels (the default, which is not the same as Heading N - simply those Heading N styles have the proper outline levels by default!), manual style selection, and user-defined index marks.

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The power of Writer resides in its style system. It is extremely versatile and doesn’t restrict your freedom of creation. But it can be defeated if you use direct formatting.

Font size/face will effectively change text flow across pages and the headings will not be positioned in the same pages as before the change. There’s nothing surprising here.

Styling a TOC must be done through styles:

  • built-in Contents n unless you customised the TOC engine for paragraph-level effect
  • character styles for subcomponent through the “structure line” of the generator

The cases where you really need to tweak the TOC itself are very rare.

Thanks @ mikekaganski I will go through the TOC settings and learn it better. Thanks for your time and support.

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Thanks @ ajlittoz I do realize that when it comes to customization possibilities, proper Unicode support etc Libre writer is far superior to MSWord. Probably the same is true in case of Styles too. May be it is just that I need to learn writer better, and get myself released from MS Word way to doing things, and learn to do things the LO way. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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