Table of contents without page numbers

I’m preparing a manuscript for uploading as an e-book. I need a TOC without page numbers, just links to chapter titles. I’m unable to specify in the “create TOC” window how do do that, but I’m sure it is possible.
Any help is appreciated.

Since page numbers appears in header or footer and those are properties of page style, you need a different page style from the body of your book.

It is likely your book is laid out in the default page style Default Style. I suggest you use built-in Index page style for your TOC. Things are a bit different whether your TOC is at beginning or head of book. Anyway, display the style side-pane (F11) and click on the fourth small icon from the left to show the page styles.

  • Right-click on Index and Modify
  • Enable or disable Header and Footer according to your needs
  • Optionally in Page, select None for Page numbers (this is optional because you can just not insert the page number field in the header or footer)

If the TOC is at the beginning, put the cursor in the first paragraph after the TOC and Insert>More Breaks>Manual Break. Click Page Break, select Style Default Style and tick Change page number to be able to force it to 1 (starting your page numbers at 1 in the body of your book).

Then, put the cursor in the TOC and double-click on Index in the side pane.

If the TOC ia at the end,, put th cursor in the first paragraph of the TOC and Insert>More Breaks>Manual Break. Click Page Break, select Style Index. No need to force page numbers since you have none.

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Exactly what I needed. Thanks.

I suppose that what you need is simply removing last T and # elements before the LE in the Entries tab of Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography dialog. Simply clicking the element (so that it’s highlighted) and pressing Del removes it. Having the final structure of entry like LS E# E LE for all levels will give you ToC which doesn’t show any page numbers, just clickable chapter names.

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delete option must come on right click also, i was trying for a long time…