Table properties breakdown when reopening a document


I encounter a problem with my LibreOffice version for windows ( (x64)).

Regardless of the table I create with LibreOffice writer, and the properties that I define on this one, all my modifications will have disapear the next time when I will open again my document.

Whatever the attributes that I define for my table, adding borders, changing column width, adding background colors, etc., all my attributes configurations are lost when a reopen the document. So I find a “basic” default table, with no borders, all columns of the same size, no backgrounds.

Am I the only one with this problem ? Is there a misconfiguration somewhere with my LibreOffice ?

I tried to change my Libre Office version (passing from 6.3.5 version to 6.4.3), launch LibreOffice in “no failure mode” and even erase my profile configurations but absolutely nothing changed.

I someone has a solution, I would be so grateful !!

Best regards.

ps : You will find below some example pictures of the problem I meet

My original document with table configured

When I open again the exact same document. All configurations are lost.


Do not embed only used fonts to workaround. Disable that checkbox.

Thank you so much Mike Kaganski !
I look at the bug report and indeed, it came of the fact that I checked the “Only embed fonts that are used”. Unchecking it, it works and my configurations are kept !
What a strange behavior… I hope the LibreOffice developers community will be able to fix the bug soon.