Tabstop columns within a table control

Hello, I’m trying to set up a table within a form to enter exam data. The table has three columns

“Question_Number”, “Question_Mark”, “Question_Total”

I only want to be able to enter data into the “Question Mark” column. I would like to keep the “Question Number” and “Question Total” columns in the table for reference, but I don’t want to modify them.

I can set the “Question Number” and “Question Total” columns both to read only, however I will still tab into them when I press tab/return. Is there a way within a table control to turn off tabstop for columns?

Below is a copy of a database with the type of form I am trying to set up:


I’m using: Firebird embedded, Libreoffice, macSO Catalina 10.15.6

Thanks a lot


There are no Tab stops for columns in a table control. The only possibility I see for something as requested is to write a key handler (macro) to replace the Tab or Enter key (and possibly others - left/right arrow) with a down arrow to move to next record. The handler would need to be turned on when entering the control and turned off when exiting the control.

@Ratslinger thank you.


Better not to close questions. Marking answers as correct is welcome. It lets others know this is an accepted answer. Leaving questions open allows others to add further findings when appropriate. The was the case for me in a recent answer I posted. I have re-opened the question.

OK, thanks. I’m pretty new here, still learning the proper process of how to post.