Template and Outline numbering

I use templates to give a set of documents the same look and feel and this is great.

Recently, I fancied to “improve” the aesthetics of chapter headings, namely inserting characters before and after the chapter number (ToolsOutline Numbering... , Numbering tab, Separator fields Before and After).

I modified the definition of ToolsOutline Numbering in the template, performed the magic stance to enable the template in the new version and opened a document to check the effect. During the open, I was asked if I wanted to update the styles, which confirmed that the new version of the template was active.

But, to my surprise, the document ToolsOutline Numbering definition was not changed.

Are ToolsOutline Numbering , Line Numbering... and Footnotes/Endnotes... global settings saved in a template?

In my opinion, they just are global styles or accessories to other styles, such as Heading x, and should be saved in a template. Is this a bug or a mistake of mine?

I answer my own question.

It appears the “document machine” I was using had an outdated LO version. Everything is OK in recent LO 5.1 release on my own computer.