Template & AutoText: how to feed the latter automatically from the former?

I am presently designing a sophisticated template for technical documents.

One of the paragraph “types” involves a paragraph style with a margin icon. Since it is not possible to attach “external” objects to a paragraph style, this construct is split into various bits:

  • the paragraph style itself
  • a pair of ancillary character styles
  • a frame (with a dedicated frame style)
  • a dedicated list style

For an idea of the construct, think of a boxed CAVEAT note with a margin icon.

Inserting such a paragraph in a document is not a simple matter of styling text because of the other material, namely the frame. An AutoText entry solves the procedure point.

Since AutoText is saved in user profile, I find tedious to enter manually the entries in the various accounts I use daily. Also the template can be shared with others. I’d like to define AutoText entries in the template and make them available in the documents based on the template.

Is this possible? And how?

One possible lead could be to define a brand-new AutoText “dictionary” and add its path in Tools>Options, LibreOffice>Paths. But how to create this “dictionary” since it appears to be some LibreOffice formatted document, not a simple text file ?