Template envelope will not properly print

Using Win7,64bit with Printer Canon MG5300 Series & Libre Office Writer 3.6.2 & 3.6.3 envelope template print is incomplete. Didn’t have this problem last week when printed 4 envelopes until updated x.2 to x.3. Uncertain if that is the cause. Uninstalled x.3 and re-installed x.2. No change.

When attempt to print an envelope see it fine in the Page Preview window and again in Print Preview. Then when go to Print it is seen in the window on the left which displays the envelope with the first perhaps 1/2" chopped off, and it prints the same.
Spent 6 hours attempting to fix. Took computer & printer to Canon office and 2 hours with 2 techs concluded it must be the software (Libre Office). Then took it home and uninstalled recent upgrade to x.3 and reinstalled x.2 No change yesterday or today. We have played with every print setting possible as well as several envelopes: Custom, DL Env, & Comm’l #10. All behave the same. Have deleted the envelope templates and started over. No change. It appears that there is a left side margin set which won’t allow print beyond it, but we can’t locate any such setting in print setup or anywhere in Libre.

Today had to handwrite 4 commercial envelopes and would certainly appreciate any ideas.

No change. It appears that there is a left side margin set which won’t allow print beyond it, but we can’t locate any such setting in print setup or anywhere in Libre.

Error here, …“print beyond …” should read …“print before…” as the first several characters of the return address are chopped off.

I have noted the same problem. I also have a Canon MG5320 and LO 3.6.3 with Win 7 64-bit. I have previously printed a #10 envelope with no problems but since I don’t do it very often I don’t know where it got broken - but, if it is even an LO problem, the suspect is version 3.6.

OK - I did a few more experiments after writing the paragraph above. Output as a PDF document shows the same problem and conversion to a MS Word 20003 format and opening in MS Word 2007 also cuts off the left side.
At that point it appeared to have something to do with the print driver not allowing the correct print area. What I have discovered is that the Canon driver seems to force a 1.47 inch margin on the feed end of an envelope. And, LO Writer does not seem to know how to handle it.

Here is what I have found that seems to work:

  • When you insert or make a new envelope document, in the dialog select the Printer tab and select the center print (second from right).
  • Go to the printer Setup from that same dialog and make the following print selections in the printer properties:
    Quick Setup - Envelope and Rotate 180 degrees
    The 1.47 margin is then moved to the other end.
    Note that the printer setup needs to be made from that insert dialog or else LO does other bad things with the format like adding a couple inches of ‘header’ space.

Not pretty - but at least a partial solution.

Will certainly give your method a try with the next envelopes needed, if not before simply to print the return address. With a little luck the techs at LO read this and will soon have a fix!

I am afraid I cannot contribute to a solution but to a limitation on where the problem appears. I made a test in on XP pro /SP using a pdf-printer (my Canon is out to get a new PCB) and all appears to be correct. With pdf-printer a mean a seperate SW installed as a printer and not the LibO Export to pdf.

I hope our devs can get the bug out of 3.6.5 for 3.6.4 it seems to be too late.

Hi @Miles, It sounds like this is a bug – please file a bug about this problem. The QA team will be happy to help you track down this issue! Thanks!

I solved the problem by adding spaces in front of each line of the return address. Shouldn’t be necessary but I got the envelope printed.