template name not in document properties

In recent documents, the template name is not appearing in File > Properties > General > Template. Is that a glitch that only I am experiencing, an intentional change, or a bug?

Is there a way to get the name to appear without going into the XML files?

Hmm - my version of LibreOffice ( on Linux openSUSE 15.0) shows the template name, if using one. If the document ist not being created from a template, it doesn’t show a template name.

Oh, I see. I assumed that every document is based on a template, as in Word. It did not occur to me that a document could not have a template. Now it makes sense.
Thank you.

I’m having the same issue on both installed and portable on Windows 7 64 bit. I created my file from a custom template in my documents, so I know it used a template.

Also, I am trying to create templates that reference templates and want to know if this is possible.
EX Template I created a document template (index.ott) with background and headers/footers. I want to reference this template into another template for memos, invoices, etc. If I update the index.ott file, I want it propagated throughout the other templates. Right now, its a tedious copy and past to update the templates

As explained in the “Writer Guides”, when you create a document by

a document from a template by double-clicking the template in your computer’s file browser window. The resulting document is not associated with (linked to) the template from which it was created. The template is not listed in the document’s properties and any changes to the template cannot be directly applied to the document.

So I think maybe that’s the problem

@acmbear @catbill : a template is recorded in the properties only when the document was created File>New>Templates.

Double-clicking on a template icon in the file browser immediately creates a standard document from the template (styles + initial contents). The Writer Guide is correct.

@ElSid : there is no provision for template chaining and it is probably a good thing because you could create circular references.

I understand your problem and support your desire. Presently, the only workaround I think of is a 2-tier procedure. Create your secondary templates as ordinary documents and store them in one of your directories. When a change is made in the primary template, open the secondary documents to update them (but be aware that only styles are updates, not any contents like logos, phone numbers, addresses, though you can put the latter in properties and insert them through fields). Save the modified documents then File>Template>Save as Template to incorporate them to the template library.

Take special care that Writer doesn’t delete the document backup of your templates. This may need to use File>Save a Copy.

Are you addressing Writer only or templates for any application of the suite?