Template with ordinal text list (LO writer)

With my java application i generate a .odt with a template (.ott). I try to define in that template a new list style: ordinal text list:

In the numeration style I select:
Number: First, Second,…
But when I generate a .odt it’s generated with Number: 1,2,3…
It’s like the template doesn’t know this type of Number (First, Second…) and when I generate a .odt, the list is generated with the list number: 1,2,3…
If I apply this new list in a odt, the ordinal text list is shown correctly (First, Second…)
Can i touch any configuration file to ott knows this tipe of number list?
Which can it be the problem?

My version of LibreOffice is: (x64)


I have never tried to generate any ODF from an external application. However, it sounds to me you should create a paragraph list to which you should attach your list style in the Oytline & Numbering tab (or its equivalent in Java). Then you only need to apply the custom paragraph style without caring for the peculiarities of adding numbering as a direct format.