Templates for Master Documents

Can anyone explain the rationale and disadvantages/advantages to using a Master Document Template as opposed to a Document Template for Master Documents? I have already committed to having one general template for all of my sub-documents, which has some advantages. However, I am planning on using the same document template for my masters. I have since read in the Users Guide that there is a Master Document Template, but I am unsure as to why I need yet another template.


In Writer, there no such thing as a template specific to master document.

.OTM is the file extension for Master Document Templates.

CF File Conversion Filters Tables
and [office] mime-types for OpenDocument

The only announcement for their inclusion in LibreOffice that I could find, is at Caolán McNamara: September 2014

In Writer, there no such thing as a template specific to master document. Use the same template for the master as for the sub-documents. This is the only way to guarantee consistency between master and subs.

If you don’t, a little difference in styles with same name may ruin the formatting and layout in the subs when merged into the master. Also, if styles are not present in either side, you won’t be able to use/reference them in the other side.

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Thanks, I think you have answered what I suspected all along.