Text alignment to graphics changes between releases in Draw

I have been maintaining a Draw document for several years that contains text that must align properly to associated graphics on the page. It has survived through a number of LibreOffice releases until version 6 came out. When I first opened the document under version 6 in March of this year, the text to graphics alignment was wildly wrong. The only way I could find to fix the problem was to abandon the original document and start a new one which also meant that I had to lose much of the history in the original document.

The new version of the document which has been compatible with Draw in version 6 has been working acceptably until this past week when my LibreOffice was upgraded to version 6.06. Now the new version text alignment is wildly wrong, but when I open the original document saved in February 2018 under the version 5 Draw, it is now properly aligned again. However, the new version has 7 months of updates that would take many hours to reproduce in the original document.

What I would like to know is whether I should expect this to change again in another new release, and which version of the document is the right one to maintain.

Well - as you see, we have fixed a bug that had appeared in first (targeted to early adopters) releases of 6.0. When one discovers that files start to behave strangely in a new versions, normally one (1) files a bug report to LibreOffice; (2) goes back to the previous working version until the bug is fixed.

Thank you for your quick response. I have been on vacation for a while now and just getting caught up on my old emails. Since you have said that the error I saw was due to a bug that has since been fixed, I can hopefully assume that my original document can continue to be maintained. This is good since it will be easier to edit that with the information from my replacement document than it would be to try and recover the history from the original into the replacement.