Text being deleted from tables in libre writer

I am losing text completely from tables when using libre writer even after it has been saved. There isn’t anyway to get the text back apart from recreating the whole table again. It also does this with images. Has anyone had this problem and found a solution?

operating system - Window Server 2008R2 Terminal Server Environment. File Format - DOCX

It happens to tables that are created from the start or copied from another document. The text is not coloured and there is not a table or frame within the table. The table is just as it is except the entire text has been wiped and you can no longer edit the tables. It is always the entire table never just parts of text.

It won’t let me upload and image or a document as an example.

Please edit the question to indicate operating system, LO version, and file format (ODT, DOC, DOCX) being used. Thanks…

Edited, Thanks.

You should have enough karma now, but if not, upload them elsewhere and edit the question to provide a link.

The list of open bugs relating to “docx”+“table” for Writer is quite lengthy at present. I can’t see any in that list however relating to losing text, so you may need to provide greater detail about the context of the problem i.e., is the text in a table-within-a-table; is some other kind of frame / object involved; where abouts in the table does the text go missing; is the text coloured? An example file (upload elsewhere and edit the question to provide a link) will help others determine if this is a bug or not.