Text boundaries appear intermittently

I am running LibreOffice Writer I have Text Boundaries turned on in the View Menu. I also have Formatting Marks turned on in the View menu. However, the text boundaries show only intermittently. When I use the scroll bar they turn on, but are broken into small pieces, showing only where text hits the right boundary. As soon as I adjust the screen width to fit the text boundaries, they disappear. Then I have to scroll the document to have them appear again. I don’t know how they are supposed to work, but I sure don’t like the way they work now. Is this a bug or has somebody decided to do something crazy with text boundaries. I use them all the time so that I can adjust my window size to be as small as possible and still show all the document page (small laptop screen).
Any help on how to get around this problem is certainly appreciated…

Must have been a bug. I now use LibreOffice Version: and it doesn’t happen any more.

These are probably display problems. I experience something similar from time to time, but I’m not able to discover what triggers the behaviour. Most of the times it fix by itself when closing and reopening Writer. Try on Tools → Options → LibreOffice → View to uncheck the use of hardware acceleration to see if this helps.

I had a same problem and this tip helped me. Works ok now. Thanks!

Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it!! I tried turning off hardware acceleration and rebooting the entire computer, but no joy.

I finally got around the whole issue by going to Main Menu>View and clicking on web. The text is then wrapped to fit my window size and I don’t have to worry about boundaries.