Text box gap at top

Hi there,

was wondering if I could get some advice regarding form formatting on LibreOffice?

When I open up the form in Edge internet browser (same when opened in Chrome) the text box fills up from the top of it. When I open up the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader the text box fills up with a gap at the top:

Can anyone indicate how this can be fixed on LibreOffice to remove this gap that appears when opened on Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Appears to be a duplicate of Centre text to top of form text box
If more info is to be added, just edit the original & please do not create another question. Please delete one of these.

Sorry about that, saw the other chat was closed, is there any way for me to delete it (couldn’t see a function that allows me to do so) or should I leave it as is?

Yes delete. Tools on lower right include an ellipsis. Clicking on that opens more which has a Trash Can to the left of Solution. Hovering over that the text is delete this post.